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The repurchase of credit, also called repurchase of loans, restructuring, consolidation or consolidation of credit , consists in reducing the total amount of the monthly repayments of your debts. Sometimes the redemption of credits decreases the monthly payments, but it allows you to extend the repayment time.

Generally, the standard for signing a loan buyback is to have a regular and sustainable salary. If this imperative does not appear in your file, it will be difficult for you to repay the redemption. Thus, any individual in Undated Contract (CDI), has the perfect profile to subscribe a credit redemption.


Repurchase of Credit on CDI

Repurchase of Credit on CDI


As a result, the financial organizations, having the assurance that you have income that will allow you to reimburse, will accept your file, since it is easier for a permanent employee to have a facility to use credit redemption because of the regular return of a monthly payment.

In addition, your borrower can offer you a home loan consolidation if you own a home or buy back consumer credit. Once your credits are consolidated into one you will now reimburse your new credit from a single lender.


Benefits of Redeeming Credit with at Least one CDI


Benefits of Redeeming Credit with at Least one CDI


There are several benefits associated with the purchase of credit for an employee on an open-ended contract. In the sense that a single monthly payment within a household is sufficient to enjoy the credit restructuring. No matter what your marital status is: widowed, in a relationship with a person without a salary, single or single, a single permanent contract, gives you the possibility to resort to the purchase of loans.

In addition, the structure that acts as an intermediary between you and the financial organizations takes care of all the red tape with the companies that grant you the purchase of loans.

In addition, you will be able to pay your debts in a single monthly payment through credit consolidation. Financial companies take care to take into account your financial situation and therefore your solvency.

In short, if you spread your debts over time, you will be able to break the deadlock.

Now that you know that your CDI is a real asset, do not hesitate and ask for your credit buy-back study on our site .


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