How to access small loans


Provides different types of loans, both direct, indirect, or through banks and financial institutions. Depending on the payment method and the details of the repayment plan, we can identify 3 categories:

  • Small loans.
  • Direct multi-year loans.
  • Guaranteed multi-year loans.

The fundamental requirement common to the three types of loan is the registration in the Unit Management of Credit and Social Services. The fee to be paid is 0.35% for employees or a contracted body and 0.15% for pensioners. Registration is free for pensioners who declare a gross pension of less than 600 euros.

Access to small loans


A modest sum of money to be repaid in constant installments through deduction on payroll or pension. Granted for daily family needs, it can range from 1 to 4 net salary or pension monthly payments, repayable from 12 up to 48 monthly installments. They can request them:

  • Subscribers in service activities.
  • Retired members.

In the first case, the questions will be filled out on the basis of the specific models provided by , and will be presented to the Administration of belonging, which will forward them via electronic transmission. In the second case, the questions will be presented directly by electronic means.

There is no need to attach any expense documentation, nor to provide reasons for the funding. Indeed, it is a loan granted for the urgent needs of customers.

Direct multi-year loans


Amount that can be requested for personal and / or family needs that fall within the cases set by the specific regulation . The repayment can be made in 60 installments (5 years) or 120 installments (10 years). The monthly payments will be withheld from salary or pension up to one fifth of the net salary.

Applicants who meet certain requirements can access the service.

  • For workers in service activities, the employment contract must be open-ended.
  • For pensioners, it is necessary to have at least four years of seniority useful to the pension, with at least four years of contributions paid to the Unit Management of Credit and Social Services.

The application and documentation must be sent electronically through the online service Web Questions Multi-Year Loans. The application must be accompanied by the documentation proving the state of need, a proof of expenditure and a medical certificate of sound physical constitution.

  • For the workers the applications must be presented through the administration of belonging.
  • For pensioners, the questions are presented electronically by accessing the appropriate area of ​​the website with your PIN.

Guaranteed multi-year loans


This is a loan granted by financial companies and authorized credit institutions, which is guaranteed by the against the following risks:

  • Death of the applicant before the sale is settled.
  • Termination of the service without entitlement to a pension.
  • Reduction of the salary of the transferor.

They can access it:

  • Subscribers in service activities.
  • Members with at least 4 years of useful retirement service.

The application is presented in four copies to the Administration of belonging through the appropriate models provided by . There is no need to attach any expense documentation, but you will need a medical certificate of sound physical constitution and a statement proving your monthly income.

Once the application has been filled in by the relevant Administration, it is sent to the granting institution for the loan. If accepted, it will be forwarded again to the Administration that will take care of sending it to. The latter will verify the regularity of the documentation before granting the guaranteed loan.

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