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14-year-old girl goes missing after visiting New Jersey delicatessen, mom asks for help



A mother from New Jersey is asking for answers after her 14-year-old daughter went missing more than two weeks ago.

Jashyah Moore, of East Orange, was last seen on October 14 at Poppies Deli, according to a Press release posted by East Orange City Hall. The teenager was last seen wearing khaki pants, a black jacket and black boots.

Authorities have not disclosed any further details regarding the disappearance. Jayshyah’s mother Jamie Moore said WPIX that her daughter had gone to the American food market around 7:30 a.m. to buy juice and paper napkins.

Moore said Jashyah came home and said she lost the card she used to pay for groceries.

“I just said, ‘Retrace your steps,'” Moore told the news channel.

Jashyah Moore, 14, of East Orange, NJ, was last seen on October 14 around 10 p.m. at Poppie’s Deli Store at 520 Central Avenue.Orange East Town Hall

After an hour and Jashyah still hadn’t come home, Moore went to get her. The mother told WPIX that she had been to several delis in the area but could not find her daughter. She eventually reported a police officer and reported her daughter missing.

According to WPIX, the teenager visited another store besides Poppies on the morning of her disappearance. A store employee said a man entered the store with Jashyah and paid for his items.

“He spoke with her; he pays and leaves, ”said employee Bassan Awaldi.

Moore said her daughter’s disappearance was concerning as Jashyah would not be spending the night somewhere without letting her family know.

“Nothing would take her away from me,” the mother told the station. “Nothing would take him away from his little brother. And she’s such a smart girl. She wouldn’t spend the night outside. She wouldn’t want me to worry.

The East Orange Police Department, FBI, and State Police are working together to locate Jashyah. Neither agency returned a request for comment on Tuesday.

The disappearance comes amid an ongoing domestic violence case involving Moore’s estranged husband. WPIX reported that the husband is an East Orange police officer and that the case stems from a simple alleged assault in 2020.

A relative, Yolanda Moore, told the station that the husband allegedly hit Jashyah. The mother said they recently received a letter in the mail that Jashyah was due to testify in front of a grand jury. NBC News was unable to verify this information.

The Essex County District Attorney’s Office told WPIX that Jashyah’s disappearance does not appear to be linked to the domestic violence case.

“The domestic violence case is ongoing against the accused,” a spokesperson for the office said. “We are aware that the mother reported her daughter missing. The case of the missing person is being handled by the municipal authorities of East Orange. At this point, the domestic violence assault and the status of the missing person do not appear to be related; however, he is monitored by the police.



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