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Arizona football’s late comeback saves tie against UAB


After which head coach Becca Moros Called “three mediocre halftime types,” Arizona football found its footing in the 73rd minute to salvage a 2-2 draw against the University of Alabama-Birmingham on a hot Sunday morning. It was something of a rebound for the Wildcats, who lost their first game of the year at Grand Canyon University on Thursday night.

It didn’t look promising. Arizona allowed UAB to score their first goal in the 17th minute on a goal from Carlyn Presley. The Blazers scored their second goal in the 35th minute on a kick from the Arizona keeper I hope Hisey was beautifully chosen by UAB. Presley was again the recipient of the pass – this one by white georgia-and put it in the bottom of the net.

“I think those are hard things for the defense and the whole team to swallow because they know they could have controlled those moments better,” Moros said. “And it’s important that people when they make mistakes – because we all do – that the team picks them up.”

After the errors, the worry for Arizona was that the Wildcats had only scored two goals in a game once this season. Even in that game, one of the goals was an Iowa State own goal. Could they come back?

It took a while, but things happened quickly. At the 73rd minute, Pretty Maycumber put a cross in the box. The UAB goaltender couldn’t control it and it landed at the feet of the Arizona forward Jordan Room. Hall put it in the net for the first goal of his career.

“I was just in the right place at the right time,” Hall said.

Thirty-five seconds later, Nyota Katembo was brought down in the box and earned the penalty kick for Arizona.

“I thought I was hitting the second ball,” Katembo said. “Once I cut, she dirtied me.”

Senior Madison Goerlinger intervened on the spot and equalized the match.

“You have to have confidence,” Goerlinger said. “Stepping up, it’s a huge honor that my teammates have the respect and pleasure to see me take this PK. So I’m going into it with confidence and hoping for the best.

It was a positive development for Arizona after being outplayed by GCU on Thursday. After seeing UAB take advantage of their mistakes in the first half, the Wildcats were able to take advantage of the Blazers’ picks in the second.

“I think they made the mistake of backing down,” Moros said. “It may not have been a mistake but a tactical choice, but I think it allowed us to have a rhythm that we hadn’t had until then for three halves in the two games.”

Despite a tie, Arizona topped most statistical categories. The Wildcats led 16-9 in shots, although both teams had eight shots on goal. Arizona had a 5-0 advantage in corner kicks. They even had fewer fouls than UAB (10-6), although both teams received yellow cards.

The toss raised Arizona’s record to 2-1-2 this season. The Wildcats will now prepare for their final non-conference games against Pepperdine and UC Davis before opening Pac-12 play at Utah on Sept. 23.