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Barekat plans to generate 9,300 jobs for people with disabilities


TEHRAN – The Barekat Charity Foundation, affiliated with Headquarters for the Execution of Imam’s Order, will open 9,300 jobs for people with disabilities, YJC said on Saturday.

Mohammad Mokhber, director of the Foundation, said that so far some 3,300 jobs have been created for people with disabilities, and around 6,000 are expected to be created during the current period. [Iranian calendar] year (March 21).

“We have launched 1,100 employment plans for people with disabilities and will launch another 2,000 plans with the cooperation of the Social Welfare Organization to invest in the entrepreneurial ideas of people with disabilities,” he explained, adding that these plans will result in the creation of 9,300 jobs.

To realize this number of employment opportunities, a sum of 2,700 billion rials (nearly 64.2 million dollars at the official rate of 42,000 rials) is invested in the rural areas of the country, he said. note.

He went on to say that animal husbandry, technical services, shoe making, clothing production, handicrafts, handmade rugs and poultry farming are some of these jobs.

This year, we will launch 70,000 community employment projects leading to the creation of 210,000 micro-jobs and domestic jobs, including 20,000 for vulnerable groups such as female-headed households, families of prisoners, people with disabilities. and families of children who have dropped out of school, he said.

The headquarters for the execution of the order of the imam was founded in 1989. In the Iranian calendar year, 1386 (March 2017-March 2018) Barekat Charity Foundation – the social branch of the organization – in the purpose of promoting social justice was created.

Socio-economic empowerment of communities by encouraging entrepreneurship by giving priority to female breadwinners, developing infrastructure such as water supply and electricity grids, building roads, building schools and increasing educational spaces, promoting health for all, granting non-repayable loans and insurance, especially in less developed areas and regions most affected by the 1980s war and natural disasters are among the priorities of the foundation charitable.

Over 1.3 million people with disabilities live in Iran

Pirouz Hanachi, the mayor of Tehran, said in December 2019 that more than 1.3 million people with disabilities live in the country and that number is increasing by 50,000 every year.

Majlis [the Iranian parliament] approved both the outline and the details of a bill on the rights of people with disabilities in January 2018. Development of cities adapted to people with disabilities, free transport, health insurance, free transport education, job creation, housing loans and reduction of working hours are some of the articles of the law.

Since the approval of the law, education of students with disabilities has been provided in Azad universities, grants for patients with spinal cord injuries as well as care centers for people with disabilities have been increased, in addition to residential units for families with disabled members.

Asghar Shirzadi, chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian Association of People with Disabilities, said in December 2020 that it still appears that the organizations concerned are not very willing to enforce the law.



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