Home mission statement Brownstown Police recognize 40th anniversary in letter of appreciation to community – The News Herald

Brownstown Police recognize 40th anniversary in letter of appreciation to community – The News Herald


The building has changed.

Cars have changed.

Management has changed.

Brownstown Township police officials remember how things were 40 years ago, when the service was established on March 8, 1982.

Monday marked the township’s 40th anniversary and the department recognized it with a message to residents on its social media account.

The department began its creation under Chief William Lilienthal and five officers stationed inside the township offices.

There have been decades of change.

Police operations moved to a new building, used cars purchased from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office received many advanced upgrades, and the number of officers increased.

Police vehicles from the early years of the Brownstown Township Police Department are a far cry from what they are today. (Photo courtesy of Brownstown Township Police Department)

At one point in 2006, the township had as many as 41 officers patrolling its roads.

The department now has 30 agents.

Over the years, the department has taken its mission statement and realigned it to establish new operating procedures and strengthen its patrol techniques.

Improvements in technology have allowed the Brownstown Police Department to take leaps and bounds from their starting point in terms of evidence collection, investigations and more.

The department’s message to the community shows how much its support and cooperation from township leaders has been appreciated.

“There have been so many businesses, families and civic groups supporting us over the years, (and) we really couldn’t have done it without you,” the message to residents said. “Thank you for the honor and privilege of serving you for 40 years and we look forward to the future.”

These handcuffs, made as a holiday ornament, reflect the pride of the Brownstown Township Police Department’s history. (Photo courtesy of Brownstown Township Police Department)

The department received a slew of responses, including congratulations and praise from supervisor Andrew Linko.

“I want to thank Chief Jeff Watson, all past, present and future police officers for the professionalism, dedication and best service to our growing community,” Linko wrote. “I was told on the first day of the election – make sure we have a strong public safety department, not only to protect and serve our township, but to keep our staff safe so they can go home. him safely with his family after each shift.

“To the public, I ask for your support for the upcoming proposals to strengthen our police service and consolidate the distribution. Thanks to the women and men in blue, good luck, God bless you in the future.

Although it has been revamped somewhat over the decades, the department’s mission still expresses its purpose – its dedication to protecting and serving the residents of the community.

Things have really changed over the years. Brownstown police vehicles are now computerized and go a little faster than 40 years ago. (Photo courtesy of Brownstown Township Police Department)

“Our mandate is to protect the lives and property of the people we serve and to promote peace in the township and beyond by applying and enforcing the law, while respecting the spirit of the law,” he said. declared the post. “We will use the most advanced resources available to advance justice. We will constantly seek to develop ourselves and continue to improve our physical and mental fitness in order to perform our duties with excellence and efficiency.

The post went on to say that the department seeks to improve the township for its people and for those who will come after the men and women who make up the force.

“We will work with the community in the constant pursuit of this goal, and will do so with zeal, honor, integrity and courage,” he said.