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Court gives green light to sale of Annie’s campground


SHAWANO COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) — On Monday afternoon, a court signed an order to proceed with the sale of Annie’s campground in Gresham. This, as current owner Ann Retzlaff faces legal and financial battles.

According to documents obtained by Action 2 News, Retzlaff owes the bank $1.5 million plus fees. The court order authorizes “the sale of substantially all of the Debtor’s assets pursuant to auction terms and procedures, free and clear of all liens, claims, leasehold interests and encumbrances.”

Documents filed last month by the receiver said it was hiring an auctioneer and allowing potential buyers to sign confidentiality agreements and tour the campground. The court has set the next hearing for August 23 to confirm the sale of the property.

Retzlaff, 53, was not present at Monday’s hearing. She argued that the state and corporations have no jurisdiction to take or sell her land and property.

She sent letters to the court filed July 1 and 5 ordering the Clerk of the Courts and Judge Katherine Sloma to prove that “corporate statutes and articles of association supersede the United States Constitution and Wisconsin Constitution” and “that a society has all authority or jurisdiction over an individual, a living soul, a living woman, a private property.

The letter then asks the court to review the $2.12 million valuation of the campground property in 2017 and the current $2.234 million valuation, then “define insolvent and show your calculations.” .

Previously, Retzlaff filed a federal lawsuit against Heartland Financial USA and Bank First, claiming his campground mortgage “was converted by unknown practices into stocks and bonds and traded as such on the stock exchange.” She alleges bank fraud and stock market fraud.

Retzlaff is being held on a number of criminal charges stemming from a six-mile vehicle chase with law enforcement in Shawano and Menominee counties, including escaping an officer, endangering safety by recklessly, resisted/obstructed an officer and jumped bail. She argued that she was a sovereign citizen and beyond the jurisdiction of law enforcement and avoided court hearings for months until warrants were issued for her arrest. his arrest.

In May, she filed federal lawsuits against deputies accusing them of ‘conspiracy to cover up human trafficking’, ‘violation of freedom of travel’, ‘kidnapping’, ‘police brutality’, ‘assault with deadly weapon “, “Assault and Battery” “Personal Property Damage” and “Deprivation of Rights Under Law”.

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