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Ditto for Pokémon GO April Fool’s Day event confirmed by fans


Ditto will be featured in Pokémon GO’s April Fool’s 2022 event, with Pokémon GO players in time zones that are further ahead to release the information.

Ditto was confirmed by fans in time zones before North America as a featured Pokemon GO species for the game’s April Fool’s Day 2022 event. Ditto being featured is an exciting opportunity to catch the sneaky, slippery Pokemon to perform field research tasks. Additionally, Ditto’s ability, Transform, allows him to remain hidden from players until after a capture he reveals himself as a fun surprise.

The April Fool’s Day event for 2022 was teased by Pokemon GO April content update, where upcoming raids, gameplay changes, and community day events were outlined for players. Pokemon GO is also in the middle of his “The Seasons of Alola“, which introduced many species of Pokemon from Generation Seven sun and moon, while providing fans with the perfect search opportunities for long rides in warm weather. While many are excited about the smaller April Fool’s Day events, details of options like the 2022 April Fool’s Day event weren’t outlined in the update, with planned pranks being kept under wraps throughout. March.


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However, thanks to a Twitter post shared by Pokemon GO, players across North America got a sneak peek at the April Fools’ Day 2022 event. Players around the world responded to the post, with those in different time zones revealing Ditto’s inclusion. While some players seem to be enjoying the return of Ditto and his transformation pranks, others expressed that the event was a missed opportunity for Niantic and much of the content felt like a repeat of past content.

Unfortunately, the revelation of Pokemon GO The 2022 April Fool’s Pokémon event isn’t the only thing being talked about. Comments also showed a widespread call to action regarding recent changes to incense mechanics in the game. Pokemon GO recently restored Incense-attached spawn rates to their pre-COVID-19 pandemic rates, reducing the amount of spawning Pokemon for those not currently on the move. Pokemon GO The director explained the incense change in a recent interview, but many believe it overtly targets those who can’t participate for the duration of the events and hurts gameplay.

However, for those wishing to return to party play, the changes to Pokemon GO mechanics can be the driving force to get out and play in local parks or urban areas. Although it might be difficult for those who don’t live in big cities, the game’s mission statement is to get Pokemon fans outdoors and playing as a community could bring beneficial changes in the near future. With many big events currently planned for the coming months, hopefully, Pokemon GO will adjust features so that every player can enjoy what the game has to offer.

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Pokemon GO is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

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