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Forum Flashbacks: July 1-7 | Life


The executive committee of the Missouri Peace Officers Association presented Marsha Martin with the Civilian of the Year award Monday night for her work and contributions through her charity, Ben’s Stockings of Hope.

The family attended the conference at the Lake of the Ozarks to accept the award from the charity, which was established in honor of Martin’s son, Ben McIntyre, who was killed in a car crash in 2011.

“I am touched and honored to receive this award on behalf of Ben’s Hope Bottoms,” said Martin. “This charity is so much more than me. First and foremost, my family has given me support, help and encouragement from the start. Ben’s siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and grandparents all participate and see this as a great way to honor Ben. We could not do what we do and would not be able to continue to grow without the support and help of community members, organizations, churches and schools who help with contributions, sewing, stuffing of stockings and the distribution of gifts.

For 118 years, the Hopkins Picnic has been the favorite weekend of residents of Northwest Missouri and Southwest Iowa. This weekend will be no different.

“I moved to Hopkins in 1952,” Josie Morehouse said. “I came here from Wisconsin and had never seen anything like the Hopkins Picnic. You could barely walk the streets, there were so many people. It’s like a, good, big, happy family.

Started in 1950 by the Elmo Lions Club, Elmo’s July 4th celebration continues to be strong 46 years later.

However, the celebration is now sponsored by the Elmo Community Betterment Club, following the disbandment of the Elmo Lions. Before the Elmo Community Betterment Club sponsored the celebration, West Nodaway Jaycees sponsored it for several years.

Elmo’s July 4th celebration is also a boon to the city park, on which it takes place. The park sits on land donated to the town of Elmo, following the evacuation of West Nodaway Junior High in 1975.

In 1989, an effort to build a municipal park on the land began. Elmo Community Betterment Club president Terry Ecker said more than $ 8,000 in donations helped build the park, which includes a basketball court, jungle gym and shelter.


Maryville man arrested on Sunday for forgery – Police court trial tomorrow


They say he sold Geo stuff. McKee and Earl Hayworth – Hammond also arrested by state on same charge

Ed Hammond was arrested Sunday afternoon by Police Chief EE Tilton for selling intoxicating liquor to Earl “Pat” Hayworth, also of Maryville. He has been brought to trial before Mayor FP Robinson, has pleaded not guilty and the case will go to trial at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. He gave a bond signed by George Hammond and QA Gilmore for $ 1,000 for his appearance tomorrow morning. …

The liquor was reportedly sold to Hayworth and George McKee on Sunday morning or right after dinner. It is said to be pure corn alcohol, obviously very recently distilled, and Hammond is said to have been paid $ 8 a liter for the substance. McKee was severely ill for several hours after drinking the concoction, but Hayworth did not show the effects as bad as his mate.

The 100-year flashback is courtesy of the State Historical Society of Missouri’s Missouri Digital Newspaper Project, view at shsmo.org/collections/newspapers/mdnp. The original article appeared in the July 5, 1921 edition of the Maryville Tribune, a predecessor of the Maryville Forum.


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