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“God Save the Queen”: the festival of the Renaissance queen



HAMMOND, Louisiana (WGNO) – 2021 Louisiana Renaissance Festival is under the jurisdiction of a brand new queen.

The party wakes up every weekend in late fall to the sound of a cannon. It’s a world of medieval tales with fried sweets, dinosaur-sized smoked turkey thighs, acrobats, old English-speaking peasants, jousting, birds of prey and every hint of entertainment mansion. high octane with a touch of dark age.

All the splendor of the Renaissance world is ruled by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth the first ruled England historically, starting in 1558. In 2021, Hanna Blazer assumes her spirit. There is only one rule to be observed at the festival, DO NOT BREAK IN CHARACTER. Hanna is “Queen Elizabeth” at all times and it’s a role that suits her well.

Queen Elizabeth always refers to herself using the majestic plural form of ‘we’ and not the singular form of ‘I.’ Her majesty speaks thus because she does not speak only in his name, but also for God. It was believed that members of the royal family were ordained by the deity. Therefore, it is Hanna’s divine right to rule until the Louisiana Renaissance Festival ends on December 12.

With an eloquent speech, Queen Elizabeth said: “As we take our rightful God-ordained position on the throne, we have observed with pleasure that this is the work of the Lord, and it is glorious in our eyes! “

The festival reflects the real world, where a woman can be fierce in her own way. This ferocity can manifest itself on the festival grounds through many costumes, be it a princess, a dragon, a warrior or the queen. Some people in 2021, as well as people in the past, don’t think a woman is capable of leading. Queen Elizabeth (the 2021 version and the 1558 version), would say the opposite.

“For others who have to deal with it, I would tell you that it is one of the most difficult things. Because we do not think that we are capable of mind, body or spirit. Yet I aim to prove to anyone who doesn’t believe they are wrong, ”says Hanna Blazer.

Every day during the festival there is the cherished tradition of the knight ceremony. One by one, the young men and women walk towards the Queen’s stage to greet her majesty. They take an oath to uphold the Queen’s three principles of knowledge, honesty and bravery.

Hanna remembers attending the festival and meeting the Queen when she was only three years old. Today she wears the crown and takes the oath. Perhaps there is something in this divine right to rule!

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to create something special with the people who walk through the door. The most amazing and rewarding experiences are having one-on-one moments with someone, which they then take and remember the next time they come to visit us, ”says Hanna Blazer.

Each year, around 25,000 people attend the festival to savor the archaic and reflect on the days of yesteryear. Queen Elizabeth enjoys her free time and wants those she visits to be immersed in a world of their own. she gives this advice:

“Enjoy the story. Participate in what you can. See things that are different and that you are not used to that spark your thoughts. You can bring this desire for knowledge back into your everyday life. Take advantage of that feeling of weirdness as well. It’s a feeling you get when you realize that THIS this is what life was like in the 16th century.

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival takes place every weekend until December 12.