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Grand Island and Hall County Officials Recall Day of 9/11 Attack | Local news from the Big Island



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The county commissioners, then called supervisors, were all stunned and eager to return home with their families, she said.

“We finished the day’s business and were home by noon,” Lancaster said. “A special service was held that afternoon in Saint-Léo to pray for our country. My husband and I, our daughter and our two grandchildren attended. Everyone was extremely worried and many were there with family members.

The attack brought good, she recalls.

“Patriotism was high on the priority list of many people,” Lancaster said. “If there was any ‘good’ that resulted from such a horrific act, it is that our country has come together and many people have openly expressed their appreciation for the United States and their gratitude for their freedom. . “

Jon Rosenlund, director of emergency management for Grand Island, said the 9/11 attack had a big impact on his career.

Rosenlund was working as a 911 dispatcher in Utah and had just left office when a colleague told him that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.

Emergency Management Director Jon Rosenlund spoke about “Solving Alternative 911 Problems” Monday during the Rotary Club meeting at Riverside Golf Club on Grand Island. Rosenlund stressed the need for new facilities, which include an alternate site in case the main facility is damaged and unusable during an emergency event. (Independent / Barrett Stinson)

Barrett stinson

“I remember watching the police chief’s television coverage, thinking that I had never seen a disaster like this in my life,” he said. “As I was driving home and listening to the radio, the second plane hit and I suddenly realized that it was, in fact, a terrorist attack.”



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