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Grand Island teenager accused of victimizing five girls faces trial in adult court


GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – A Grand Island teenager accused of molesting five young girls is now facing trial in adult court.

Israel Trautman, 18, was arrested after Grand Island investigators found dozens of sexually explicit photos on his cell phone and electronic devices. An affidavit of arrest lists five girls as victims, two of whom were 14, the other victims were 13, 17 and 18.

Prosecutors charged Trautman with nine counts of child trafficking, one count of human trafficking, five counts of visual depiction of sexually explicit behavior, four counts of child abuse and two counts of assault. first-degree sex.

Trautman last week waived a probable cause hearing and his case was transferred to Hall County District Court for a possible trial.

Trautman is in Hall County Corrections on $1 million bond.

Trautman was arrested on June 1, 2022 in connection with a case involving sex trafficking of a minor and visual depiction of explicit behavior related to receiving or soliciting images from a minor.

Following this arrest, a search warrant was obtained for Trautman’s residence, including electronic devices. As a result of this investigation, the Grand Island Police Department cyber investigator developed evidence to believe that Trautman solicited or received photos from 11 other underage victims.

Grand Island Police Captain Jim Duering told Local4 News that in cases like this, fear can play a role in preventing victims from coming forward.

“Really at its core, this is a case of exploitation, and exploitation really doesn’t happen without fear,” Duering said. “So I think fear plays a huge role in these types of cases, and I think a case like this where we have a suspect who’s been arrested, taken off the street, and given a very high bond should help reduce this fear and let victims know they can come forward, we are here to protect them.

Duering also noted that parents can help protect their children from crimes like those committed by Trautman.

“I think the first step is for parents to have this conversation with their kids, the things they can do the things they can’t, warn of what can happen no matter who they think they are at the other end of the line,” Duering said.

This was a lengthy investigation that demonstrates the ability of a single suspect to prey on multiple youths within a community. The result of this survey is a step forward in building a safer community for our young people. If young people are being exploited, it is a crime and should be reported by calling your local police or the FBI hotline at 1-800-Call-FBI.

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