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Groups donate food and water to Jacksonians


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Christian church Fresh Start and global humanitarian organization United Mega Care have teamed up to provide neighbors in Jackson with basic necessities amid the water crisis.

After just four days of planning, four 53-foot trailers made their way through the Jackson community on behalf of Bishop TD Jakes-affiliated nonprofit United Mega Care.

Jacksonians received cold water, flavored water, sanitary supplies and hot plates of chicken and waffles upon arrival.

“Not knowing the status of the crisis was a bit of a problem at the very beginning, but we are very observant and always monitoring things. I am very fortunate to speak with Bishop Jakes quite often. He simply reached out and said, ‘Frank, what are we going to do for the people of Jackson?’ said Frank Dyer, chief operating officer at TD Jakes Ministries.

Organizations around the world have come together to support the city of Jackson. Neighbors say they appreciate the effort.

“I went out to fetch water this morning because I really need it. I take care of two disabled people and I really needed water. I really enjoy the water,” said Marketta Moore, a neighbor of Jackson.

Hundreds of people were served. Distributions across the city will continue until the water problem is resolved.