Home mission statement IIT Director Roorkee Aligns with NEP Vision 2030 to Develop Hierarchical Smart Cyber-Physical Ecosystems

IIT Director Roorkee Aligns with NEP Vision 2030 to Develop Hierarchical Smart Cyber-Physical Ecosystems


Newly appointed director of IIT Roorkee asks to focus on NEP Vision 2030.

New Delhi:

The new director of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, Prof. Kamal Kishore Pant, aims for the institute to reach out to the best institutions in the world. Professor KK Pant is also focused on supporting the establishment of start-ups, including the recent unicorn landscape in India.

Sharing his thoughts, Professor KK Pant, Director of IIT Roorkee said: “IIT Roorkee celebrated its sesquicentennial in October 1996 and is now over 175 years old. And in line with the vision of the he institute, like all my contemporaries, we will work to reach greater heights to create a sustainable and equitable society through the teaching of cutting-edge academic content using cutting-edge methodologies and innovative research in science and technology. “

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Professor Pant focuses on a holistic perspective and global strategy to accelerate the development of new interdisciplinary fields and set engineering education on an ambitious path that pushes the boundaries of innovation, discovery and economic development. A step to develop hierarchical intelligent cyber-physical ecosystems is planned, which will enable collaboration between engineering, the arts and other sciences on a much larger scale than before.

IIT Roorkee will focus on areas of Vision 2030 that will result in employable and enterprising engineers. Major emerging interdisciplinary fields that would be the focus of the institute in the coming years include cyber engineering, societal systems, living systems engineering, biomechatronics or robotics engineering, cognitive systems engineering, knowledge engineering, emergent or complex engineering and multi-scale systems engineering.

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Further, identifying the critical societal and regional issues that IIT Roorkee would focus on, Prof Pant said that researchers at the institute would prepare to develop solutions for technology development for sustainable energy and environment. , smart infrastructure and hardened structures for defense applications, energy storage devices, studies on landslides, snow and avalanches and pulsed laser and specialized fiber, shock and setonics, thermal management.

“The institute seeks to oversee the functioning and welfare of all faculty, staff and students to facilitate overall professional development. Our mission statement is clearly to promote IIT Roorkee as an important hub for training a wider range of international scholars to forge global alliances in cutting-edge research and innovation. added Professor Pant.