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Jeannie Seely sets record with most Grand Ole Opry appearances | New


NASHVILLE — Jeannie Seely is still making history.

The 1958 graduate of the former Townville High School (now Maplewood) was just 11 when she sang country music on WMGW radio in Meadville.

Today, the Grammy Award-winning trendsetter is recognized as the most-performing artist at the Grand Ole Opry.

Thanks to the technology and dedication of independent Opry historian Byron Fay, research shows Seely has done more performances on the Grand Ole Opry than any other performer in the concert hall’s 97-year history. . Seely will celebrate this historic achievement on its 55th anniversary of Opry on September 17.

“Jeannie Seely’s commitment to the Grand Ole Opry is truly remarkable,” said Opry Executive Producer Dan Rogers. “I have been affiliated with the Opry less than half his time as an official member, and even in those two decades I have witnessed so many examples of his dedication to this show that we love: performing in borrowed clothes on the first Opry show after the 2010 flood inundated both the Opry house and her own home, driving to the show in staff members’ vehicles after a major snowstorm, and just being here night after night to lend her voice to this one-of-a-kind show. I believe I speak for past and present staff members, for her fellow Opry members, and for Opry fans everywhere when I thank her for her incredibly impressive dedication to the show and we look forward to commemorate both his unparalleled commitment and 55 years of Opry membership on September 17.

Since her debut in 1966, Seely has become a mainstay of the Grand Ole Opry with over 5,000 performances to her credit. Although the performance demands of Opry members have changed in Seely’s 55 years with the show, his commitment has not changed, creating continuity, a sense of family and an unmatched performance record.

“Jeannie is by far the coolest member of the Opry. I hope and pray every time I perform on this beautiful stage that she’s there,” shared Grand Ole Opry member and multi-artist Lauren Alaina. platinum.” Her presence in the room is like no other. Every time I’m around her, I laugh until my stomach hurts. I hope I can be a fraction of what she is.” for the Opry one day. In my opinion, she represents the Opry and country music perfectly. We are lucky to have her,”

“I’ve known Jeannie Seely since she came to town,” shared Grand Ole Opry newcomer and Country Music Hall of Famer Charlie McCoy. “I played on his first hit, ‘Don’t Touch Me’ and we toured Japan together. She is the constant star of the Opry and is so welcoming to newcomers. I’m proud to be on the same team as Jeannie.

To quote her, “The Opry is a way of life, my way of life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! That’s where my heart is. In September, I’ll be here for 55 years, but it’s not long enough,” Seely said with a laugh.

Seely’s deep, soulful voice earned her the nickname “Miss Country Soul”, a title that is still used today. An esteemed singer, songwriter, producer, actress, author, and on-air personality, Seely added another title, “doctor,” to her resume when she received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Lincoln Memorial University in 2019.

The third female country artist to win a Grammy is also part of a select group of country artists who have scored No. 1 hits as a solo artist, duet partner and songwriter.

On September 16, 1967, Seely achieved his lifelong dream of joining the Grand Ole Opry, becoming the first Pennsylvania native to do so. Almost 55 years later, she says it’s still a thrill and an honor every time she performs on the world famous stage. From her 1966 Billboard Top 10 album, “The Seely Style,” which included “Don’t Touch Me,” to her self-produced album, “Written in Song,” comprised entirely of songs she wrote and recorded for over 10 countries Members of the Music Hall of Fame, Seely’s recordings have spanned seven decades.

With a strong following on social media and over 4 million views on its YouTube channel, Seely continues to expand its international presence as music sales and fan posts from around the world pour in. She appeared in Willie Nelson’s film “Honeysuckle Rose” and sang on the film’s turntable. -certified soundtrack, and for the past four years has hosted her own show, “Sundays with Seely,” on SiriusXM’s Willie’s Roadhouse.