Home Nonprofit organization Jose Mangin creates the non-profit organization “Headbang For Science” to help metalheads in high school

Jose Mangin creates the non-profit organization “Headbang For Science” to help metalheads in high school


Jose Mangin creates the non-profit organization

Jose Mangin, who has been dubbed “The Ambassador of Metal” due to his duties as curator and host of Sirius XM, has started a non-profit organization to help high school metal fans interested in science and medicine to go through college.

The project is close to Mangin’s heart, as he once held a position similar to those he intends to help with Headbang for Science. Mangin says the organization “provides an annual scholarship to a high school senior majoring in science/medicine, has financial need, 3.5 GPA, and is passionate about metal music.”

As a young student, Mangin aimed to become a pharmacist, as he details in his Instagram post above. He was able to complete his undergraduate degree in chemistry in part because of the scholarships he won. He goes on to say, “If it wasn’t for my upbringing, I would NEVER have this metallically blessed life. I want to give back to our Metal family, help inspire kids to kick ass in school, and set them on the path to success.

While there are plenty of niche scholarships, Mangin says Headbang for Science will be “the first and only public charity dedicated to headbangers who excel in science and want to pursue medical careers.”

The organization’s first fundraising event has already begun with Spiritbox ticket sales for their upcoming show at the Anaheim House of Blues. Tickets for their VIP experience will be given to Headbang for Science, and Mangin will join in the fun by hanging out with those who buy those tickets.

Mangin promises “to make your experience super badass!

During the launch of his non-profit organization, Mangin will continue to work for Sirius XM Liquid Metal, including as host for a concert by OTTTO and Bastardane.