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Kadence International Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Company’s Commitment to Increasing Research Impact


TOKYO, August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kadence International has unveiled a new brand identity, reflecting the company’s mission-driven approach to market research. The new modern and playful look and feel echoes the Kadence International brand ethos both inside and outside the organization.

The timely rebranding of Kadence International gives new meaning to all facets of its identity, from positioning within the market research industry and its approach to client strategy to extending its visuals, color palette, slogan and core values.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new look after several months of planning,” said Jodie Shaw, Head of Global Marketing for Kadence International. “Not only are the visuals eye-catching, but the addition of our brand identity, USP, cultural values ​​and tagline helps differentiate our agency from a slew of other search providers.”

“One of the key differences between our company and others in the field is that we can get invaluable data and insights from the hardest-to-reach audiences,” Ms. Shaw said.

“Our talented team is naturally curious about why people think and behave and how those behaviors can be used to develop better products and services and ultimately drive the growth of organizations.”

Kadence International provides market insights that fuel a higher level of decision-making. Internally, Kadence International’s curious, reliable, nimble, authentic and futuristic culture drives growth. It partners with leading brands to help them better understand target audiences and uncover “game-changing opportunities.”

With a global footprint and a radically personal approach, Kadence serves international brands from offices in the US, UK, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippinesand China.

The company unveiled the new brand identity at Quirk’s recent market research conference in New York and tested the color palette through ad campaigns months before.

“It was kind of a soft launch,” Ms Shaw explained. “We practice what we preach, so we wanted to first see how our audience would react and get feedback from our peers.”

“Overall the response has been overwhelmingly positive, so we can roll out our new look with confidence.”

All new marketing materials will feature the new logo, images and colors in sync with Kadence International’s new brand identity.

Key elements of Kadence International’s brand transition include:

New brand slogan: Connect the dots to the high decisions.

The logo positions Kadence International as a brand that helps connect the dots to lofty decisions. The nine points highlight the importance of data and connection results to reveal insights, which enable brands to make high-level decisions. The new slogan, “Connecting the dots to high decisions”, will now support the logo.

New brand colors: The expanded color palette reflects the new approach to market research as well as the diversity and assortment of different data sets that enable a higher level of decision making. Green and tangerine are the primary colors. Light orange, watermelon red, and teal are secondary colors, with black, white, and greige as background color options.

Kadence International’s mission statement, “Our mission is to increase the impact of research,” further reiterates the company’s ongoing commitment to the market research industry.

About Kadence International

Kadence International is a global market research agency with a radically personal approach. With offices extending Asia, Europethe UK, and in the United States, the business is focused on one-on-one connections. From collecting real-time data to sharing powerful insights, great research begins with a deep understanding of people and ends with uncovering game-changing opportunities. Kadence is about people, progress and passion. In 2021, Kadence International was named Consultant of the Year and Market Research Agency of the Year at the Agency of the Year Awards.

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