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Livingston Board of Supervisors proclaims July 17-23 week of pretrial supervision, probation and parole


The Livingston County Board of Supervisors has proclaimed July 17-23, 2022 as New York State Pretrial Supervision, Probation, and Parole Week throughout the county.

The week honors local community corrections professionals and the hard work they do as they seek to uphold the law, while making county neighborhoods safer places to live and raise families. Livingston County Probation Department Director Lynne Mignemi said probation is often seen as the backbone of the criminal justice system.

“Our probation staff interact with every county and state law enforcement agency and office, as well as multiple public, private, and nonprofit agencies to fulfill our mission statement,” said she explained. “The work of a probation officer requires constant evaluation, risk assessment and balance in order to fulfill our mission. I remain humbled and proud of the probation officers and professional support staff who carry out this important work on behalf of the citizens of Livingston County on a daily basis.

The Livingston County Probation Department has a duty to protect the community, enforce court-ordered punishments, support victims’ rights and help offenders change, Mignemi added. The department began in 1956 and has provided community services for adults and minors since its inception.

Probation has evolved over the years and the duties of the probation service have expanded to include monitoring immobilizer installation and offense report notifications as ordered by the court under the law of Leandra, DNA collection, drug testing, an electronic monitoring program and specialized workloads for processing court, sex offenders, juveniles and investigations for felony cases. More recently, the probation service was designated as the certified pre-trial services agency for the county.

The County Board of Supervisors encourages all citizens to honor these community corrections professionals and recognize their accomplishments during New York State Pretrial Supervision, Probation and Parole Week.

For more information, visit the Livingston County Probation Service website at https://www.livingstoncounty.us/226/Probation-Department.