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Lucknow Police Station: police areas revamped, new police circle formed


The five police areas of Lucknow police station have been revised and a new police circle – Kakori – has been formed after the UP cabinet approved the inclusion of all police stations in Lucknow district to maintain the uniformity throughout the district on November 3.

So far, 46 police stations divided into five areas – west, east, center, north and south – reported to the police station while another six police stations reported to the superintendent of police, rural, and were treated as a district. separate font. Now, there will be 52 police stations under Lucknow Police Station, including two Mahila Thanas, one for urban and rural areas.

A senior police official familiar with the development said the West Zone will now include four police circles: Chowk, Bazarkhala, Malihabad and the new Kakori. He said Chowk circle remains unchanged with the three police stations including Chowk, Thakurganj and Wazirganj in its jurisdiction. He said Bazarkhala circle also remains unchanged with Sadatganj, Bazarkhala and Talkatora police stations under its jurisdiction.

Malihabad Circle has been revised to include Mal Police Station and now this Circle will include Malihabad, Rahimabad and Mal, while the new Kakori Circle will have Kakori, Dubagga, Para and Manaknagar Police Stations in its jurisdiction.

He said the core area will include Hazratganj, Qaiserbagh and Mahanagar circles under its jurisdiction. He said that earlier, Qaiserbagh and Mahanagar circles were under West Zone and North Zone respectively. He said the Hazratganj Circle will include Hazratganj, Hussainganj, Gautampalli and Mahila Thana under its jurisdiction. He said Qaiserbagh circle remains unchanged with the same Qaiserbagh, Aminabad and Naka police stations in its jurisdiction. Also, the Mahanagar circle will include Mahanagar, Hasanganj and Madeyganj police stations.

The official said the eastern area includes Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar and Cantt police circles. He said Vibhuti Khand circle will include Vibhuti Khand, Chinhat and BBD police stations, Gomti Nagar circle will include Gomti Nagar and Gomti Nagar Extension police stations and Cantt circle will include Cantt, Ashiana, PGI and Alambagh.

He said the northern area includes Aliganj, Ghazipur and Bakshi Ka Talab, police circles which were previously under the jurisdiction of SP, rural. He said Aliganj circle remains unchanged with Aliganj, Madiaon and Jankipuram police stations. Ghazipur circle comprises Ghazipur, Gudamba, Indiranagar and Vikasnagar police stations and Bakshi Ka Talab circle will include Bakshi Ka Talab, Itaunja, Saipur and Mahila Thana (rural) within its jurisdiction.

The official said that the southern police zone will include Mohanlalganj, Gosaiganj and Krishna Nagar police circles. He said Mohanlalganj Police Circle will include Mohanlalganj, Nagram and Nigoha, Gosaiganj Police Circle will include Gosaiganj and Sushant Golf City Police Stations and Krishna Nagar Police Circle will include Krishna Nagar Police Stations , Sarojininagar, Bijnor and Banthra.

Along with Lucknow, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet had also approved the inclusion of all police stations in Varanasi and Kanpur districts in the police station to standardize the district. So far, 12 police stations in Varanasi and 14 police stations in Kanpur have been kept out of the jurisdiction of police commissioners and treated as separate police districts overseen by a senior police officer.