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Man jailed for £ 120,000 fraud against charity



An assistant accountant has been jailed for four years after fraudulently diverting nearly £ 120,000 from a charity to an online bank account he opened in his mother’s name.

Jaswant Singh Kang, also known as Jake Kang and Jake Elliott, of Marina Close, Bournemouth, has been found guilty on two counts of false statement fraud.

The 38-year-old was sentenced to four years in prison at Bournemouth Crown Court late last month.

Kang also received a Serious Crime Prevention Order for five years, which will come into effect after his release.

He was employed as an assistant accountant at the South Staffordshire Housing Association, a Stafford-based social landlord, between November 2018 and March 2019.

Kang changed the bank details of a supplier’s account to divert £ 118,949 to an account he had opened online in his mother’s name.

To allow for fraud, he also changed the payment advices to include a different address, so the vendor does not receive notification of the payment.

As a result, the fraud was only discovered when he left the organization and the payments were then continued by the vendor.

By this time, Kang had moved to Bournemouth under a pseudonym.

On the second count, Kang took out financing for an Audi A6 which he bought online on behalf of his mother while residing in the West Midlands, but failed to repay it.

The car was eventually recovered and sold at auction, but the finance company left over £ 10,000 out of pocket.

Kang pleaded guilty to both counts of fraud after his arrest in May 2021.

DC Kelly Harvey of Staffordshire Police said: “During the period in which the offenses took place, Kang defrauded the South Staffordshire Housing Association / Housing Plus Group, which is a charitable organization providing homes and care services in Staffordshire and Shropshire.

“He stole public money in order to maintain the standard of living he had become accustomed to, which had a huge impact on the services the company could provide to the communities it supports.

“His offensive behavior shows that even his own family was not immune to his fraudulent activities.

“We are happy with the court’s decision and hope Kang uses this time to reflect on his actions and the financial and mental impact he has had on those he has targeted.”

The association did not respond to a request for comment.