Home Charity association S’pore opens the 1st canine program center for rescued dogs to support the elderly and people with disabilities – Mothership.SG

S’pore opens the 1st canine program center for rescued dogs to support the elderly and people with disabilities – Mothership.SG


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Singapore’s first dog-assisted intervention center opened on October 4.

dog assisted learning

At the Canine Program Centre, the charity EQUAL will offer a new dog-assisted learning programme.

Activities include group sessions accompanied by dogs and dog care exercises, which will be tailored to the needs of different clients.

These interventions can help recipients such as the elderly, at-risk youth, and people with disabilities reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve mood, and develop social and motor skills.

Image by Tan Kiat How/FB.

Caring for animals can also help cultivate a sense of responsibility and purpose.

Rescued dogs will also benefit from socialization and mental stimulation with people and other dogs.

The center currently has three rescued dogs, Jody, Fluffy and Gruffy, who are either privately owned or fostered.

In the long term, EQUAL will consider adopting its own rescue dogs.

Jody is a Singapore Special who was rescued from the streets. Image by EQUAL.

Image by Tan Kiat How/FB.

Located in the empowering village in Redhill

The launch of the Canine Program Center by the charity EQUAL was chaired by Senior Minister of State Tan Kiat How.

EQUAL, which started in 2015, is a pioneer in animal assistance services with horses.

The charity recycles rescued horses to help with animal-based learning programs for people with special needs, at-risk youth, families and seniors.

Now the organization has extended its work to rescue dogs.

The Canine Program Center is in the Enabling Village in Redhill, billed as an inclusive community space for people with disabilities.

At the center, rescued dogs and recipients have a place to learn, play and care for each other while supporting each other.

The air-conditioned space has dog rest areas as well as training, grooming and first aid equipment.

The Center also has its own dog park called the BARK PARK.

Image by Tan Kiat How/FB.

EQUAL says Mothership he is currently in discussions with interested parties in the clinical and educational sectors to lead these programs.

At the launch, EQUAL CEO Sandra Leong said she plans to expand her work with other social service agencies and schools to help improve the quality of life for people and dogs.

The organization also plans to send its miniature horses to serve the elderly at an aged care facility later this year.

Best images by EQUAL and Tan Kiat How/FB.