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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith Uses These 3 Shocking Words To Describe Season 5


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Last weekend, a charity gala in Houston brought together two of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’s most beloved and charming ranch hands. It’s true, YellowstoneForrie J. Smith and Cole Hauser traveled to the Lone Star State for an event to benefit a local animal charity.

Local reporter Courtney Zavala was able to chat with Smith to KPRC2 Houston about the importance of the event and his love for animals – and she got to ask him a question about the exciting fifth season of Yellowstone. While the series has kept viewers on their toes for four seasons already, Smith’s response has us on our toes for future episodes.

When Zavala asked him to explain the season in one word, he replied “assuming”. He then gave her three words that prove more than not. Yellowstone the fan should feel comfortable at this time.

‘Everybody’s gonna go, ‘what is he–‘”

Now, what is he– might not be too shocking in itself where Yellowstone is concerned, but we also consider comments from others close to the show on Season 5. Taylor Sheridan says fans should view the characters as chess pieces, while Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) says it will a different season, indeed. Kevin Costner, who brings patriarch John Dutton to life, says they plan to bring the surprises in season 5, so it’s clear that shaking things up is the theme for future episodes.

In addition to the growing popularity of the Yellowstone series, Smith and Hauser helped raise over $1 million for Houston Petset, the charity that hosted the gala. The organization’s mission statement is incredible as it hopes to “end pet homelessness and suffering and elevate their status in society.”

You can see Smith and Hauser in Yellowstone in the first four seasons on Peacock now before the fifth season debuts with a two-hour TV event Nov. 13 on Paramount.